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About Us

The 23d Medical Group provides outpatient medical, dental, occupational, environmental and preventative health care services in support of a combat-ready HC-130, HH-60, A-10 rescue and close air support wing, an Air Ground Operations Wing and a flying training squadron. The group's approximately 300 staff members serve more than 10,000 beneficiaries with a $12 million annual operations budget.

23d MDSS: The 23d Medical Support Squadron supports Moody's combat ready mission by delivering unparalleled medical support to active duty and civilian beneficiaries. The squadron consists of 90 professionals in Pharmacy, Laboratory Services, Diagnostic Imaging, Biomedical Equipment, Medical Logistics, Medical Readiness, Medical Information Services, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration, Facility Management, Commanders Support Staff, and Resource Management. The squadron also provides medical support to our Army Veterinarian clinic and partners with three local colleges and universities to provide medical training in the areas of Pharmacy and Laboratory Services.

23d OMRS: The 23d Operational Medical Support Squadron optimizes human performance through delivery of operational and preventive medicine to assure Trusted Care for our "Flying Tigers," tenant organizations, and families. Our staff of 85 health care professionals is organized into four flights providing services, to include Military Medicine, Human Performance, Dentistry, Bioenvironmental Engineering and Public Health. Together, these sections oversee the Individual Medical Readiness of 4,000 active duty members and the Occupational Health of 5,500 industrial workers. We also provide support to our Army Veterinary team to perform food safety, commercial audits and care of the region's largest, most deployed military working dog population and privately owned companions, as space is available.

23d HCOS: The 23d Health Care Operations Squadron provides outstanding primary care, specialty care, and emergency medical response for 10,000 beneficiaries on Moody Air Force Base and the surrounding area. The Squadron consists of approximately 83 personnel supporting the following clinics: Dependent Care, Allergy/Immunizations, Ambulance Response, Women's Health, Physical Therapy, Mental Health, Family Advocacy, and Substance Abuse Counseling. Combined these clinics average 4,620 visits per month totaling approximately 55,440 visits per year.

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